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About Me

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The story teller of Haque's EYE the travel blog.


Hello fellow travelers!!! I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession and a traveler by passion!!!


In 2016, when I first came to the USA, I didn't even know how to drive a car! In 2022, I have set the milestone of traveling to all 50 States here!


That being said, I was a graduate student who was living with an 800$ monthly stipend! So you can guess how much I had to plan for budget trips.


I am so excited that I am going to finally share all the cool hacks, pro tips, and 100 ways of planning the most economical tours with you! This blog is a story, a story of happiness, a story of dreams, and sometimes a story of mess! This is the story of solo travelers or novice travelers or alien travelers like me and you!


Let's keep exploring together! Happy traveling!

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