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💦Discover the Magic of Alabama's Top 3 Waterfalls - Nature's Masterpieces! 🤽

Updated: Feb 14

Are you itching to discover the mesmerizing waterfalls tucked away in Alabama? Let me be your guide! 🌊 Prepare to be enchanted by these hidden treasures of nature. Pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through Alabama's untamed wilderness with Haque's EYE! 🌿💦✨

De Soto Falls

De Soto Falls, the hidden gem of Alabama! 🌟 When I first planned my visit, I had my doubts. After all, photographs can only capture so much, right? But let me tell you, the experience exceeded all my expectations! 😲🏞️

Near the charming town of Mentone, De Soto Falls is born from the Little River, making it a unique sight to behold.

Fun fact: This river is the only one in the USA that flows its entire length atop a mountain named Lookout Mountain! 🏞️🏔️

The water at De Soto Falls is renowned as "Outstanding Waters" due to its exceptional quality. In fact, nearly 15 species are endemic to this watershed alone! 🌊🌿 #NatureWonder

Another interesting fact about this fall is, that it is the first hydroelectric power source for north Alabama. 😲

If you're exploring Huntsville or Chattanooga, make sure to include a visit to this Alabama gem on your itinerary! Just a 1.5-hour drive from both cities, De Soto Falls awaits. Remember, there's a $4 parking fee, so be prepared! 🚗💸 #TravelAlabama

De Soto Falls offers two viewing points: upper and lower. The upper viewpoint is easily accessible with gravel paths and staircases.

While reaching the lower viewpoint might require a bit more effort. In my opinion, From my point of view, the upper side is gorgeous enough! 💙💙 #DeSotoFalls #ScenicViews

Feeling adventurous? Take the hike to the bottom of the falls for an even more immersive experience! 🏞️ There are two trails to choose from, but be warned: the obvious-looking trail that veers left is the WRONG way! 🚫 The correct trail starts immediately from the pull-off and leads downhill, offering an exciting journey to the base of the falls. Happy exploring! 🌲👣 #AdventureAwaits #ExploreAlabama

Excited to explore beyond the falls? Bring your kayak for a half or full day of adventure on the water! 🚣‍♂️ There's even a small boat rental shop on the premises, but it's a good idea to book ahead to ensure availability. 🛶 Get ready for an unforgettable day of paddling and soaking in the stunning scenery! 🌊☀️ #KayakAdventure #ExploreAlabama

Little River Canyon

Before you hit the road, remember this crucial tip: don't rely on Google Maps to get you there! 🗺️ Trust me, it'll lead you astray and you might end up in the middle of nowhere, with the last 5 miles being nothing but abandoned roads. 😞😕 If you want to make it a quick stop, Do It. But don’t waste much time here. I have been to three main vista points of this canyon.

Eberhart Point

This is the overlook from where you can have a panoramic view of the entire canyon in a zoomed-out version. There is a small 0.5-mile hiking trail downwards that can give you a closer view of the canyon (2nd picture). 🚶

Crow Point Overlook

From Crow Point Overlook, you'll be treated to a breathtaking view of the canyon and the river up close. Plus, this area is guard-railed, offering peace of mind for families traveling with kids! 🏞️👨‍👩‍👦

Graces High Falls

Grace’s High Falls offers a distant view of a small creek, which is seasonal. During my visit in the fall, there wasn't much to see, but the vibrant fall colors were absolutely stunning! 🍂🌊

To reach the actual falls, simply input "Little River Canyon State Park" into your GPS. Once there, you can enjoy a closer look at the falls, as well as access picnic spots and restroom facilities for a memorable half-day family outing! 🚗🏞️🧺

Haque's EYE

Hippie Hole is a pretty swimming spot in Little River Canyon. The path to get there is short and the canyon is a nice place to swim. Many people use the trail, so the canyon can get crowded

Noccula Falls

Noccalula Falls is another hidden gem of Alabama, renowned not only for its breathtaking cascade but also for its array of offerings. Planning a weekend retreat? Book one of two charming log cabins or opt for a campsite with full hookups, all at incredibly affordable rates! 🏞️🏕️🌲

The Black Creek Trail, just minutes from the cabin, offers opportunities for hiking, biking, or leisurely strolls. For a unique perspective of the falls, take an easy hike beneath and admire the cascades from below. At the bridge area, discover a picturesque picnic spot where you can savor a cup of coffee to have a cup of coffee in this serenity. ☕🌳🍂

Also unlike others, this campground offers various interesting events year-round. Some of them are the Barbarian Challenge, Christmas At The Falls, Smoke on the Falls, and so on! On these events, the falls come alive with magnificent light shows. You can book ahead at their website.



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