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Land of Art, Jazz, Gumbo, Gator and Voodoo! New Orleans: Louisiana

Step into the lively canvas of New Orleans, Louisiana – a city alive with jazz melodies, the tantalizing scent of Cajun spices, and the enchanting spirit of the Bayou. Get ready for a journey that captures the heart and soul of this vibrant place! 🎺🌶️🌿

Been to New Orleans a bunch of times, and I've got the lowdown that's not your usual blog stuff! Get ready for some insider tips and off-the-beaten-path stories that'll make your NOLA trips extra special! 🌟🎷 #NOLAInsiderTips

What is the best way to tour New Orleans?

🏨 Stay near the Central Business District for a hassle-free New Orleans adventure! Walk to everything and dodge the parking nightmare. Consider trams for a stress-free ride. Thank me in the comments—less hassle, more fun! 😄👣🚋 #NOLATravelTips

What are the Must-See Things in New Orleans in One Day?

Caesars Superdome

As I was staying near the Central Business District, started my journey from 🏟️ The Mercedes-Benz Superdome, (currently named Caesars Superdome). It is an iconic part of the NOLA skyline, and is not just a venue—it holds a special place in the city's history. 🎤 🎭 From hosting NFL games to becoming a refuge during Hurricane Katrina, it stands tall as a symbol of resilience.

It is near Champions Square, and there is a Smoothie King Center right beside. 🏀🎤 The Smoothie King Center in NOLA is where the Pelicans hoop and concerts rock! Renowned for its vibrant events, it's a must-visit for sports and music lovers alike. Check the events calendar ahead to plan! 🌟 #SmoothieKingCenterMagic

Haque's EYE

Events here was not my cup of tea! Explore the city's music, culture, and unique charm beyond the Superdome and King Center. 🎶🎷 #CityVibesAdventure

From here take a tram to the "New Orleans Visitor Center", where you can find the most recent maps and events information.

Then you can start walking to cover the main attractions of New Orleans. On average 35-40 minutes of walking in total!

Museum of Death

Are you up for some weird and eerie experience?

Enter the unsettling realm of the "Museum of Death," featuring body bags, coffins, a skull collection, and a chilling Theatre of Death.

Open 7 days a week • 10am - 6pm, Admission: $17(+tax)


Explore vintage mortician tools, photographs from the Manson Family, crime scenes, artworks connected to notorious serial killers, graphic images of car accidents, and a deep dive into the disturbing concept of cannibalism.

Not going to kill the thrill by mentioning everything here, Go and Brace yourself for a one-of-a-kind and spine-chilling experience! 💀🔪 #museumofdeath

Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is the life of the party! It's a lively mix of history, jazz beats, and good times in the heart of the French Quarter. Join me on this journey where every sip and every step feels like a chapter in a story, making memories in the vibrant spirit of New Orleans! 🎉🥂 #BourbonStreetTales

Bourbon Street is THE spot for a Hand Grenade! Don't worry; it's just a cocktail, not the explosive kind. 😉 Want a drink in a Lightning mug? They've got you covered! Two other famous drinks are Hurricane and Shark Attack!🦈Join the fun, sip in style, and let the good times roll! 🍹⚡🎉 #BourbonStreetDrinks

Oh, and let's not overlook the hilarious quotes on T-shirts! Grab a tee, wear the wit, and add some humor to your stroll down this lively street.

Hop blocks for a souvenir spree! Each shop holds a piece of local charm, from funky tees to one-of-a-kind finds. 🛍️🌟 #ShopAndExplore

Discover art havens and galleries, even a voodoo artifacts shop (no photos allowed!).

Why Voodo is a part of New Orleans?

In the heart of New Orleans, Voodoo weaves a tale of African rhythms, Haitian roots, and the mystical Marie Laveau (The famous Voodo cleric). From St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 to the city's soul, it's a living legacy of cultural pride. 🔮🌆 #NOLAVoodooMagic

In voodoo shops, be cautious—clear signs remind you: Look, don't touch! Unveil the mystique while respecting the rules. 🎨🔮 #ArtAdventures #RespectTheArtifacts

Jackson Square

The next stop was Jackson Square, which is basically a beautiful park, with lots of history!

Do you know the history of New Orleans?

Once upon a time in 1718, French explorers founded the magical city of New Orleans along the Mississippi River. 🗺️ The streets whispered tales of a unique Creole culture, blending French flair with flavors from afar. 🍜🎭 Despite a dance with Spanish rule, the city kept its French charm. Later French sold the entire Louisiana Territory, including New Orleans, to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Today, New Orleans is a lively storybook, with French vibes in every cobblestone, jazz note, and Mardi Gras celebration.🎶✨ #NOLAFrenchTales

In 1721, French officials turned Jackson Square into a military parade ground 🏰.

Fast forward to 1856, it got a new name, honoring General Andrew Jackson for his Battle of New Orleans heroics ⚔️.

Facing it proudly is the oldest active U.S. Catholic cathedral, St. Louis Cathedral ⛪

Got a smogging shot during the sunset- 📸 #SunsetMagic

Now, it's not just history—Jackson Square is a lively hub with artists 🎨, musicians 🎶 and fortune tellers 🔮 creating a magical atmosphere! #JacksonSquareMagic

Haque's EYE

Dedicate an hour to the plaza—you're in for the best street music vibes! 🎶 I loved every moment, savoring the incredible performances by talented street artists. 🌟Must keep some changes with you as most of the performers would expect some courtesy! #MusicalMagic #JacksonSquareMelodies

French Quarter

It is just a block away from Jackson Square. Established by French settlers in 1718, it is New Orleans' oldest neighborhood.

It is a lively hub today. Brimming with history, it's a cultural hotspot with historic sites, restaurants, shops, and vibrant entertainment. Don't miss the famous Mardi Gras celebrations (Mardi Gras Detailed Travel Plan) and a constant festival feel! 🎉🏰 #FrenchQuarterVibes


Time to satisfy the cravings! let your taste buds dance in the flavors of New Orleans. Ready for a delicious journey? 🍔🍤🍰 #HungryTimeNOLA

For two centuries, The Napoleon House has stood as a beloved landmark, weaving its historic charm into the heart of New Orleans. 🏰🥂 #NapoleonHouseHeritageand How can I miss that?

I have ordered Muffuletta, a New Orleans classic, which is a signature at Napoleon House—it was awesome! A must-try while you are in this area! 🥪🇮🇹 #NapoleonHouseLegacy

At Dinner try the Trio! Gumbo, Jambalaya, and a spicy Bloody Mary—dive into the rich stews, savor the Cajun spices, and sip on a zesty Bloody Mary for the ultimate Crescent City feast! 🍲🔥🍹 #NOLACulinaryTrio

Alligator Sausage is another adventurous choice you can have in New Orleans!

RiverWalk NOLA

Go for a stroll on the riverwalk of NOLA. One of the main draws of the Riverwalk is its scenic location along the Mississippi River.

I have been there at New Orleans’ Tricentennial Celebration!

The art illusion at the Holocaust Memorial!

Erected in 1995 along the Mississippi River, the "Monument to the Immigrant" in New Orleans symbolizes the city's immigrant heritage, featuring an immigrant family and a ship-shaped figure. 🌊🗽 #NOLAImmigrantMonument

Have Some Extra Time?

I have read at least 20 blog posts before planning my New Orleans Trip. But interestingly none mentioned this hidden gem! I have kind of found it accidentally. There is a ferry dock at the side of the riverwalk.

Hopped on the ferry spending only 2.00$ whereas the touristy Natchez Steam Boat offered lunch/dinner cruise starting from 55$ to 95$ per person. Did not want to spend that amount of money, but wanted to get into the river!

Sunset at Mississippi River with St. Louis Skyline

On the other side of the ferry, this old town "Old Algiers" was waiting for me! New Orleans Best Kept Secret!

Right after getting down the Ferry, I saw the Jazz Walk of Fame featuring the singer of "What a Wonderful World"- Louis Armstrong.

It's said that jazz was born right here in New Orleans. The city's mix of different cultures made a new and special kind of music in the late 1800s and early 1900s. 🎺🌆 #NOLAMusicStory

An interesting fact is this neighborhood was so quiet that in one hour I saw only 2 people! Found only one open cafe and a bunch of old houses! It almost felt like I was the only living person here!

In the old days, New Orleans had fields worked by enslaved people. They grew crops like indigo and sugar, and this helped the city grow.

Time to say goodbye to New Orleans for now! Thanks to its mix of cultures, today, New Orleans keeps rocking with the tunes and stories from its awesome past. 🎶🌆 #NOLAJazzVibes

Start planning your New Orleans Trip, will see you in some other corner of the world. Till then Happy Exploring with Haque's EYE!


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