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A freezing day inside a Refrigerator! Fairbanks Ice Museum: Alaska

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

One of the must-see places in Alaska is the Fairbanks Ice Museum. Keep reading to learn all about the museum and why you should visit this place!

The Lacey Street Theater building, now hosting the Fairbanks Ice Museum, is an Art Deco architectural showpiece theater located at 500 Second Avenue in Fairbanks, Alaska.

In downtown Fairbanks, I spent a day just exploring the local restaurants, and coffee shops and getting the vibes of Alaska. In the downtown area a signboard saying “Fairbanks Ice Museum” caught my eyes and out of curiosity I went inside.

The whole setup was very ancient, from the old man with a white beard at the ticket counter to the 1939’s theater setup itself having enough aura to make me decide to purchase the ticket. The ticket price was 15$ and if you want to get a projected aurora (Fake or you can say photographed) experience you can purchase another ticket at a discounted rate for the same day.

The experience begins with a short video (20mins) about ice sculpting in Alaska. And trust me it was fun if you ignore the video quality. There was lots of interesting information about the ice sculpting events that take place every winter in Alaska.

I thought that was it and was a bit disappointed as I spent 15$ on this bad-quality video!

But after the film, the guide escorted the visitors to a room full of real-time ice sculptures! And the most fun part was you can actually take lots of good insta photos here.

The most popular mosses to other wild lives are beautifully carved and displayed in that small room.

One must try “ice sledding” in a miniature version (Try not to break your leg).

They also have a full ice bar literally!

Lastly, the guide gave the visitors a short live demonstration of ice sculpting. That was really cool!

Check out the video to have a glance at the ice museum and decide if it should be on your must-see list or not! Thank you for reading such a long post. Keep wandering and will see you in some other corner of the world!

Haque’s EYE:

Must wear warm clothes inside. As those ice sculptures need to be kept in freezing temperatures, not you! Happy traveling.

See you in some other corner of the world. Till then HAPPY TRAVELLING!!!



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