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See Seven States from One Place! Rock City Garden| Chattanooga: Tennessee

Imagine walking through Rock City Gardens, it is like stepping into a fairytale! Surrounded by the wonders of nature and the echoes of folklore. Rock City Gardens isn't just a place; it's a story waiting to be discovered. Come, experience this magical journey with Haque's EYE!

Where is Rock City Gardens?

Lookout Mountain which falls between the states Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

How to Go There?

Living in Dalton, GA, meant I was just an hour's drive away from the magical Rock City Gardens. I've been there several times, and let me tell you, it's worth it every time!

This popular tourist attraction draws around 500,000 visitors a year!

So, Plan your visit early ahead of time. Well, here's the scoop: they've got this cool timed-entry thing going on. Basically, you pick the time you want to explore this awesome place, and that's when the adventure begins.

Ticket Price:

Rock City Adult $26.95+ Tax

Rock City Child (age 3-12) $16.95+Tax

Winter Value Admission – $17.95 Adults / $7.95 Children

Haque's EYE

  • Buy tickets online to skip the big line (which can be more than 30-60 minutes!

  • Bring water bottles for the long walk ahead.

  • Arrive 20 minutes early for your timed entry to snag a good parking spot. Good thing, parking is free here!

What are the top attractions?

Once you've checked in, kickstart your adventure from the cute gift shop and visitor center—it's like the gateway to magic! Do not forget to grab a map; it's your treasure map to all the must-see spots. Trust me, you'll thank yourself later when you're wandering through the enchanted trail🌿✨

Enchanted Trail

Rock City Gardens was founded by Frieda Utermoehlen Carter and her husband Garnet Carter. Garnet Carter was the inventor of mini-golf! The Carters owned a piece of land on Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Tennessee, which was initially intended to be a residential community.

Frieda's vision and creativity turned the location into a tourist destination, drawing visitors from far and wide. What makes this walking trail truly magical? Quirky surprises at every turn! 🌿✨

As you walk the 4,100-foot walking trail, get ready for awesome photo spots one after the other! It's like a treasure hunt for the perfect snapshots. 📸✨

Keep your eyes wide open for interesting structures, colorful doors, gems stone curved pathways including – nature's photo ops are waiting for you! 🌿👀

Prepare for a squeeze that's worth the tease at Fat Man's Squeeze! It's like nature's own obstacle course, and you'll love every twist and turn. 🕵️‍♂️

Then, get ready to be wowed at Needle's Eye—a natural marvel that'll have you questioning how rocks can get so fascinating. 🪶🌄

Haque's EYE

Rain is very frequent in this area, check weather conditions and be prepared with a poncho from the gift shop!

If you dare, Go under 1,000 tons of Balanced Rock!

Walking over to Lover's Leap...

When you're heading to Lover's Leap at Rock City Gardens, you've got two choices. Fancy a walk on a rock-solid stone arch bridge, feeling like you're stepping into history? Or maybe the thrill of a 180-foot long span suspension bridge,  known as the "Swing-A-Long Bridge", swaying gently as you take in the views? Your adventure, your call! 🌉🏞️

Right before you get to Lover's Leap Point at Rock City Gardens, there's this cool tunnel. It's got colorful glass decorations. And guess what happens when the sun is shining? It turns the tunnel into a beautiful rainbow! It's like walking through a magical rainbow world, it's a sight that'll paint a smile on any tourist's face! 🌈😊

What is the Story behind this Lovers Leap?

Long ago, in Rock City, there was a story of love and tragedy. A Chickasaw warrior named Sautee and a Cherokee maiden named Nacoochee fell deeply in love. But here's the catch – their tribes were not getting along.They decided to run away together, but a war party chased them. Sadly, they got caught. Sautee was thrown from the top of Lover's Leap, and watching her love fall, Nacoochee couldn't bear it. She leaped after him, choosing love over everything else.

Now, Lover's Leap holds their story, and when you stand there, you can almost feel the echoes of their love in the wind. It's both sad and beautiful, like a tale from the heart. ❤️🌄 A big waterfall, 140 feet tall, pours down the side of the rock, making it picture-perfect!

At Lovers Leap with my Love!

At this spot, you'll see a panoramic view all around from 1,700 feet above sea level. It's like standing in the middle of a 360-degree painting of nature. 🌄😍

Next Stop Seven States Flag Court...

Next to Lovers Leap, there is the Seven States Flag Court. Stand at this breathtaking spot, and on a clear day, you'll be able to see not one, not two, but seven different states. It's like having a front-row seat to a spectacular show featuring the beauty of the whole southern region! 🌍🌟

Can you see behind? Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia!

On the court, you'll spot flags from seven states. There are also food courts and refreshments for a tasty break. And get this—the dining area has a view that'll leave you in awe. Imagine enjoying your lunch with that breathtaking backdrop! 🏞️🍴

Eat at places like Café 7, Big Rock Grill, Cliff Terrace, and Starbucks. Café 7 has modern southern food. Also, along the trail, you'll find spots for treats and drinks.

Check out the gift shops for cool stuff like Rock City birdhouses. Don't miss the Fudge Kitchen—they make fresh fudge. Families can buy gemstone kits and more at Prospector's Point.

And grab a souvenir photo! Kodak takes pictures at the trail's start. 📸✨

Now Let's Take a walk inside the fairytale: Fairyland Caverns!

!The sculptures in Fairyland Caverns at Rock City Gardens bring fairytales to life.

As you walk through the caves, it's not just a stroll; it's a journey into a magical world that captivates both kids and grown-ups. 🧚‍♀️📖✨

One of Jessie Sander's original artworks, Pied Piper!

There is a deep relationship between Gnomes with Rock City Garden! Gnomes are good luck charms and garden guardians. And, knowing Frieda, the garden lover behind Rock City, having gnomes in her garden was a must—like keeping a bit of enchantment in every corner! 🍄✨

Snow white and seven dwarfs!

Cinderella at midnight!

At the cave's end, you'll discover a room filled with sculptures celebrating childhood Storybook tales—it's called Mother Goose Village. Imagine a space where the magic of beloved stories comes to life in the form of enchanting sculptures, making a magical feeling that everyone, young and old, can enjoy. 🏰📚✨

Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall!

Remember, Ding-Dong Bell, Pussy in the well!

Or, what about Jack & Jill, went up the hill!

Do you forget the Pumpkin Eater? A walk through Fairyland Carvern will make you remember all the nursery rhymes once again!

At the end of this self-guided walk, outside you will see a wine-tasting area along with a souvenir shop full of exotic handmade leather items.

This magical journey came to an end now, time to head out.....

Before signing off a few tips from Haque's EYE

  • As it is a timed ticket, the best part about is the time is valid only for entry, you can stay as long as you want!

  • The whole experience can be done within 2 to 3 hours.

  • In winter time the ticket price is 5-7$ less than in peak seasons.


Rock City Gardens is a hub of lively events all year round! Here's a glimpse:

  • Summer Music Weekends: Watch the Birds of Prey show to learn cool facts about hawks, owls, bald eagles, and vultures. It's a free educational and thrilling experience but need to be there on show time! 🦅🌟

  • Shamrock City: Irish music, dance lessons, green High Falls, and tasty Irish treats—it's a Celtic celebration!

  • Rocktoberfest: Feel the German vibes with live music, Polka lessons, German cuisine, and of course, beer!

  • Enchanted Garden of Lights: Make the holidays magical with the North Pole Adventure, dazzling LED lights, and a special Dinner with Santa. 🌟✨

Sounds like an incredible plan! Enjoy your visit to Rock City Gardens, and look forward to hearing about our next awesome trip with Haque's EYE. Happy exploring! 🌍👁️✈️



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